Charmed Roo

$30.00 USD

Charms are wonderful ways to add some individuality to your Roo. Choose a Charmed Roo that you feel means something special to you. These also make make great gifts for friends and family. This Roo is made using the same natural leather material as our crowd-favorite, the Shy Roo. The Charmed Roo includes both the cord and charm assembled together. 

  • Material: Each piece is cut from a brown leather cord that is thin and designed to feel lightweight.
  • Length: The classic matte gold clips attach to mask straps making the Dudes Roo™ 12" in length in leather.
  • Designs: Charms include the eye of protection, bolt of destruction of ignorance, star of energy, or the shell of revival.
  • Style: Unique, without being over the top 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Order with confidence, we back every Roo with our 100% satisfaction guarantee